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GRADUATE STUDENTS  (and where they went from here)

Jaimie Bortolotti  (Dillon Consulting)

Kevin Burke  (Canadian Museum of Nature)

Mark Conboy  (Program Coordinator, Long Point Bird Observatory)

Rob Dobbs  (Research Scientist, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries) 

Rachel Fanelli  (Research Technician, University of Wyoming)

Adam Groulx  (Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada)

Haley Kenyon  (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Colorado, Boulder)

Stephanie Kim  (Science/Biology Teacher, De La Salle College, Toronto)

Samreen Munim  (Research Technician, Birds Canada)

Allyson Parker  (Bachelor of Education, Queen's University)

Elisabeth Purves  (Director, Ontario Program, Bird Studies Canada) 

Vanya Rohwer  (Curator of Birds and Mammals, Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates)

Jillian Wettlaufer  (Canadian Wildlife Service)

UNDERGRADUATE HONOURS STUDENTS  (and where they went from here)

Krysta Andrews  (Graduate School, University of Toronto)

Nicola Banger  (Graduate School, University of Ottawa )

Rose Barcarse  (Jr. Risk Assessor, Risk Based Consulting Inc.)

Eryn Basham  (travelling to Taiwan)

Erin Bolger  (Graduate School, Queen's University) 

Emma Bothwell  (Graduate School, University of Guelph) 

Chloe Boynton  (Graduate School, Simon Fraser University)

Kevin Burke  (Graduate School, Queen's University)

Allison Collard  (Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute) 

Carla Crossman  (Graduate School, University of British Columbia)

Cameron Freshwater  (Graduate School, University of Victoria)

Victoria Giglio  (Veterinary School, University of Glasgow)

Sofie Hemprich  (Bachelor of Education, Outdoor and Experiential Education, Queen's University)

Sophie Johnston  (Graduate School, University of British Columbia)

Chenoa Hope-Tomlinson  (Veterinary School, St. George's University)

Zach Kahn  (Graduate School, University of Windsor) 

James Law  (Graduate School, University of Waterloo)

Ashley McGregor  (Veterinary School, University College Dublin)

Drew Moore  (Graduate School, Western University)

Hannah Munro  (Graduate School, Memorial University) 

Allison Patrick  (Graduate School, Humboldt State University)

Elisabeth Purves  (Graduate School, Queen's University)

Jill Sanderson  (Graduate School, University of Toronto)

Scott Schrempf  (Graduate School, Dalhousie University)

Melanie Schriber  (Graduate School, Medicine, Queen's University) 

Brendan Sheppard  (Graduate School, Queen's University

George Stirrett-Wood  (Graduate School, Cornell University)

Yohanna Vangenne  (travelling to Taiwan)

Jillian Wettlaufer  (Graduate School, Queen's University)

April Ye  (Graduate School, Queen's University) 

UNDERGRADUATE MENTORSHIP STUDENTS  (and where they went from here)

Tori Brown  (Veterinary School, University of Guelph)

Alice Domalik  (Graduate School, Simon Fraser University) 

Dana Drumm  (Environmental Consultant, Alberta)

Virginia Emery  (Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley)

Leah Hayes  (Graduate School, University of Toronto)

Kellie Heney  (Graduate School, National University of Ireland, Galway)

Mary Heung  (Graduate School, Trent University)

Laura King  (Graduate School, McMaster University) 

Kiera Liblik  (Medical School, Queen's University)

Sarah Mangin  (Registered Veterinary Technician, Cobourg)

Melissa Olmstead  (Graduate School, Wilfrid Laurier University)

Jessica Ramos  (where is Jessica?)

Brendan Sheppard  (Graduate School, Queen's University)

Sharon Zhang  (Veterinary School, University of Guelph)

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